My name is Chris Norman, the Mac Geek of MacGeek Consulting. I am an Apple Certified consultant (ACHDS 10.4) and member of the Apple Certification Alliance. I have over 10 years of experience in professional IT management for small businesses in the publishing and advertising industries. Over this time I have gained valuable experience in making a small businesses IT infrastructure become a valuable asset for the company, not a daily headache that causes much worry. My experience goes beyond just Mac, to include all small businesses IT needs, including Windows XP, Wireless Networking, Mobile Access and Data Backup planning to name a few.

While everyone can say "I love what I do", I have the references who will tell you that I love what I doing, and that I am a pleasure to work with. And while everyone has terrific references that they would like you to talk to, I am proud to have Peachpit Press one of the best known companies in computer publishing, be one of the companies that recommends my consulting services.