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This is the site of The MacGeek Consulting, an Apple Certified Computer Consultant for Small Business and Individuals.

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Welcome to The MacGeek Consulting.

You have IT Problems, I have IT Solutions! Isn't that what everyone says?
So if there are thousands of consultants out there, all promising nearly the same thing, why choose The MacGeek?

If you are a business:
I have over 7 years of experience in IT Management for small businesses. I understand the challenges that you as a small business owner/manager face when it comes to your IT needs. I have experience with implementing and maintaining IT resources that fit not only the objectives of the business, but also the budget of the business.

If you are a Home/SOHO user:
The number one reason you should choose me is my flexibility. Sure I have lots of great recommendations from home users. Sure I can help get you if you have 1 computer at home that needs TLC or upgrades, or if you have 10 computers that all need to be connected to your Cable or DSL connection. I can even do PC to Mac, or Mac to PC conversions. I am different because I am happy to schedule my appointments when it works best for you, not just during regular business hours.

The MacGeek is Apple Certified in Mac OS 10.4 support, and a member of the Apple Certification Alliance.

Current Events

Upgrade your Xserve Now! The Xserve will only be availible until January 31st. After that point you might still be able to get them, or you might not. If you are still running a 10.4 or earlier Mac server, now is the time to upgrade!

Your data may not be safe. Are you backing up? Do you regularly take copies of your data offsite to another location? Your data is critically important. Call me and I can help develop a disaster recovery plan that makes the most sense for your needs.

I can help you automate any repetitive tasks that you might be doing on your Mac. I have a very strong background in Applescript and I can develop a solution that will help you save time. I can also help update any applescripts that you might already have. Call me for more details!

Contact Me

510 589-1824

I am based in Oakland, California and I work for businesses throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area.