I offer a wide arrary of IT services for Home, Home Office, and Small Businesses, from troubleshooting and maintinence of your exsisting set up, to planning and implementing new technology. While the name of my business is The MacGeek Consulting, I service clients who are Windows only and who have mixed platform networks. So I can meet all of your technology needs.

Some of the most popular requests I get are:

  • OS X Migration and Upgrades. Still running 10.4 client or server? Still running on a G5? Now is the time to update your systems and move up to 10.6
  • OS X Server- Not currently using a server, or have an older Appleshare sever that has needed upgrade for some time now? I can help get you converted over to a new server on newer hardware (either a desktop Mac running OS X Server, or an Xserve).
  • Retrospect- Setup new backup systems, upgrade exsisting systems to large capacity storage mediums, and optomizing exsisting setups to ensure your backup system is really keeping your data safe
  • Hardware Upgrades- Upgrade Ram and Hard Drives on MacBooks, PowerBooks, iBooks, and all desktop computers.
  • Internet Access- Is your DSL or Cable starting to feel a bit slow? I can help you navigate the confusing setup of T-1 access, and make sure you are getting the best deal you can from an ISP that is not going out of business tomorrow.
  • Security- I can help develop a security plan that best suits your needs whether you are a company of 3 or 30, while taking the best practices for network security into account.
  • Wireless Network Setup- I can set up your wireless network to make it easy for you to access, and secure against others using your network.
  • Internet Presence- Time to upgrade from your Yahoo or Gmail email account, to an email address that looks more professional? We can help you find, and set up your own domain. We can make reccomendations on which web and email hosts to use.
  • Storage Upgrades- Has you needs for shared storage space grown exponentially recently? Can't make heads or tails of all the different configurations of RAID Storage? Having trouble making sense of what a RAID, SAN, NAS or JBOD means, and what is best for you? Let me help you decide what is best for your needs.
  • Need Help with- On Going Support, Project Management, Wideformat Color Printers, Color RIP's, VoIP, Firewalls, VPN's, Digital Photography, Applescripting and Autmation, Digital Asset Management? I can help.
  • Active Directory on the Mac. I can help you get your Macs set up with your corporate Active Directory setup
  • Windows XP Upgrades. If you are still using Windows XP, now is the time to upgrade to Windows 7!"
  • iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Having trouble with your iOS device, and tired of Apple telling you for the 10th time to reinstall iTunes. Call me, I can help.

This is just a small list of my experience. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Rates vary depending upon your needs, but you can be assured that I am competitivly priced. I Accept Visa and Mastercard Via PayPal, checks and cash.